Drupal 8 Resource Guide

You might have heard by now that a new version of Drupal is right around the corner. Drupal 8 brings a plethora of changes both under the hood and in user interface.

How is a person supposed to keep track of all of these changes? Do you have to be a member of the Drupal 8 core team to understand all of this?

Our team has been working with Drupal 8 since shortly after its inception and will walk you through the important parts of Drupal 8. Whether you sling Drupal code with a side of CSS on a daily basis or you are considering a Drupal solution this book covers what you need to know.

Topics Include:

  • Installing and setting up Drupal 8
  • Theming using the new TWIG system
  • How to save configuration changes with CMI
  • Exposing data for consumption and letting external services modify Drupal
  • Integrating mobile with the new theming system
  • Creating your first Drupal 8 module